Abdalla Omari

Abdalla Omari is a Syrian painter and filmmaker, born in Damascus in 1986. He graduated from both the Damascus University with a degree in English Literature and the Adham Ismail Institute for Visual Arts in 2009. During his studies Omari made and collaborated in many animation films, film series and video arts including “The Eleventh Commandment”, a film directed by Syrian filmmaker, Mwafaq Katt. He also participated in the 2010 Damascus International Cinema Festival.

In response to the conflict in Syria, Omari has initiated a project in support of Syrian children called “Charms of War” attempting to highlight the destructive impact of war on the lives of Syrian children. Furthermore, Omari is using his work as an active reminder of the huge need to support the Syrian refugees and the displaced. He is also concerned with the inner self thus his most recent oil on canvas compositions ‘Fraught with emotion’ confront the complex psychological states of being, yet retain a profound beauty through their painterly application and realistic portrayal. Omari has been recently granted a refugee status in Belgium, and he now lives and works in Brussels.

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