Nir Alon

Nir Alon is a German sculptor and installation artist born in 1964 in Israel. Nir Alon arranges his installations directly at the place of exhibition using cast­off, ordinary articles such as furniture, tables, chairs, suitcases, lamps, light bulbs and cables. By creating his work with these familiar, daily artefacts, Alon manages to achieve a serious effect with his audience in the most intelligent, and yet economical manner. His aim is to challenge our understanding and relationship with these familiar, comforting objects by presenting them in a state of hurried abandonment. His work is in many public and private collections in Germany, Israel, Italy and United States.

life of agony 2015418x279
and how it is like back home (part ii) 2011
the physical background of beiong at home 2008
there is some happiness 2015